3 Brands Like VETTA Capsule For Versatile Clothing (2024) (2024)

We’re sad to learn that VETTA is no longer operating. The Good Trade editors recommend the following brands as alternatives:

Amour Vert

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Key Takeaways:

  • VETTA’s capsule collections consist of five pieces you can mix and match up to 30 different outfits, and they’re all sustainably and ethically made.

  • Since I’m short and curvy, I had some minor issues finding the right size for me, but VETTA’s customer service was patient, easy to work with, and responsive throughout the entire process.

  • Most of the pieces are beautifully designed and play effortlessly off one another, though sizes are only available from XS to XL which is a bit restrictive.

  • If you’re looking for a fashion-forward, easy-to-wear capsule collection, VETTA is definitely a worthwhile investment.

At just over five feet tall with a full bust, small waist, and curvy hips, I’ve always dreaded shopping for clothes. Tops that look gorgeous on models end up constricting my chest while simultaneously being too long for my torso, and don’t even get me started on poorly lit dressing rooms.

That’s why I’ve always found the idea of a well-fitting capsule wardrobe appealing: Neutral pieces I can mix and match with minimal thought and still look good? Chef’s kiss. So when VETTA, a brand I’ve long admired, reached out to ask if I’d honestly review its best-selling Casual Capsule—re-released for Spring 2022—I had to say yes.

“The best part IMO is that VETTA is committed to sourcing the best, most sustainable fabrics—and all pieces are ethically made.”

As a small sustainable brand based in Los Angeles, VETTA’s goal is to help create a wardrobe you love by designing capsule collections out of five pieces, which can be transformed into 30 different outfits. (YES, 30.) The capsules typically include one to two tops, a few pants, and a dress or jumpsuit that can be worn as separates or as a one-piece.

There are currently eight main capsules to choose from, ranging in style and for different seasons. You can take VETTA’s Style Quiz to find the best looks for you or build your own.

If you purchase an entire capsule wardrobe at once, you’ll also receive a sizable discount instead of purchasing pieces separately! At the time of publication, the Casual Capsule’s individual clothes cost $571, but with coupon code “casualcapsule,” it drops to $468. While this isn’t exactly inexpensive, it is relatively cost-effective considering the quality of clothing and how many outfits you can create.

The best part IMO is that VETTA is committed to sourcing the best, most sustainable fabrics like Tencel, organic cotton, and deadstock materials—and all pieces are ethically made in the USA, India, or Peru. Even the packaging is recycled. I truly admire and love the brand’s ethos and transparency, so the only question that remained was would I equally love VETTA’s fits?

Previously, I’ve only owned VETTA’s Girlfriend Shirt, and I’ve adored how stunning and versatile it is. My only qualm, if any, is that it has a fairly low V neck so I kept this in mind while selecting the Casual Capsule pieces. I also used the brand’s ingenious Casual Capsule photoshoot with real customers to get a sense of how the pieces would fit IRL. Here’s where I landed:

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*VETTA’s Boyfriend Shirt & Cropped Flutter Tee

Originally, I opted for the olive Boyfriend Shirt in a Medium, but it was too long on my very short torso, so I exchanged it for a size Small. Let me be clear here: I am in love. It drapes beautifully over my body, has the softest touch, and is so easy to throw on over a tank or on its own.

Next up: The Cropped Flutter Tee. It’s an essential you can dress up or down, and I like that it’s simple yet has a bit of flair on the sleeves. I first chose the white tee in Large, but I also exchanged this for a Medium as it better fit my shoulders and chest area. (VETTA’s rec to size down if you’re in between sizes is a great tip, as I found that to be the case almost every time.)

“VETTA’s rec to size down if you’re in between sizes is a great tip.”

Then came the piece I was most nervous about: The Two Piece Apron Jumpsuit. It’s VETTA’s best-selling jumpsuit, so I was definitely excited, but I knew that the ratio discrepancy between my waist and hips would make it difficult to find the right fit. (In fact, I’d never found a flattering jumpsuit ever to wear before.) In this case, I’d be a size 12/14 for tops and a 16/18 for bottoms, so I went with size 14.

When the moment of truth arrived, I gently pulled on the jumpsuit as a one-piece and was surprised at my reflection in the mirror. It looked good! I squealed so loud my husband in the next room asked if I was okay, but I couldn’t believe that it fit so perfectly. The only issue I found was that, as a more fitted one-piece, I couldn’t move about as freely as I’d want to. But once I untied the piece into the top and pants and wore them separately, I was impressed once more.

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3 Brands Like VETTA Capsule For Versatile Clothing (2024) (4)

*VETTA’s Boyfriend Shirt, Tencel Tapered Pants, & Apron Jumpsuit Top

I absolutely adore that I can wear the Apron Jumpsuit’s top forwards and backwards and that you can hide the buttons which connect the top to the pants. I may not wear the pants on their own as much since they’re a bit more restrictive, but I can definitely see myself wearing the top with other outfits. I also had the same tight-fitting experience with the Tencel Tapered Pants in Black in size XL—unfortunately, it was the largest size available, so I had to make do in this case. I won’t be doing squats, but I do hope to tailor them into capris (you can see I rolled them up a bit above)!

Finally, for the Short Wrap Dress, I went for the dainty Black Floral pattern and size Large. The good news is that this piece fits proportionally without needing an exchange (and it has pockets!); the less-great news is that I learned I’d definitely need a camisole under it. Once again, the deep V in this dress works better on taller folks, but I’d still be able to wear this effortless piece with one layer under.

3 Brands Like VETTA Capsule For Versatile Clothing (2024) (5)

What I loved most throughout this experience was that VETTA was on standby to answer any product or sizing questions—the team genuinely wants every customer to enjoy their pieces, and it shines through in their thoughtful responses.

They also make exchanges and returns extremely easy, and if I have to tailor a few pieces for the perfect fit, that’s fine by me, considering I know the capsule works together and the clothes are durable enough to last.

The one downside I experienced was that VETTA’s pieces are still relatively size-exclusive, only available from XS to XL. Capsule wardrobes aim to make our lives easier—but that can’t just be the case for mainstream size folks, and restrictive sizing makes it hard to pick up an entire capsule. Everyone deserves access to sustainable, inclusive, and versatile wardrobes, and I hope that a more expansive range is in the works.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled specifically for tops and dresses from VETTA’s new collections like the Blossom Capsule (so romantic and swoonworthy!). Ultimately, I’m relieved and thrilled that the brand I’ve admired for so long has lived up to my expectations, and I hope to keep enjoying these pieces for years to come.

“The team genuinely wants every customer to enjoy their pieces and it shines through in their thoughtful responses.”

Henah Velez (she/her) is the Senior Editor at Money with Katie at Morning Brew, as well as a writer at The Good Trade. She holds a Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship and is a proud Rutgers grad. Originally from NJ, Henah’s now in the Bay Area where she loves shopping small, hanging with her pets, or traveling. Say hi on Instagram!

The Good Trade editors endorse products we’ve personally researched, tested, and genuinely love. Learn more about our methodology and business model here.

3 Brands Like VETTA Capsule For Versatile Clothing (2024) (2024)


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