A Review Of VETTA Capsule — Jessica Harumi (2024)

A Review Of VETTA Capsule — Jessica Harumi (1)

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Today I want to talk about a brand that’s been on my radar for a while and which I’ve been asked by some of you to review in the past. VETTA Capsule is a sustainable brand well known for its capsule wardrobe collections. I had always been curious about how well the pieces in the capsule actually worked together, or if it were better to think of it as more of a collection of similar styles. After trying out a couple pieces from the new Retro Capsule, here’s what I found.

The Retro Capsule

The Retro Capsule collection was such a great introduction to the brand for me. It combines modest and tailored pieces with more feminine, retro touches. When I do wear more feminine styles, I’m often drawn to 60’s-inspired pieces such as high waisted a-line skirts and mini shift dresses, nothing too strappy or loose on top. I love a fitted dress that makes me feel powerful, feminine and shows off my legs without being too short. I tried two pieces from this collection, and I’ll speak in more details on each one.

The Notch Collar Two Piece Dress

This piece is unlike anything else in my closet and I’m digging it! I was so happy when I tried it on and it fit like a glove. The Notch Collar Dress consists of two pieces, the top and the a-line skirt which button together on the inside. It also comes with a sash that can be tied around the waist to accentuate it more and add a sweet little knotted detail. The top is surprisingly cropped so there’s no bunching of extra fabric into the skirt, which often happens when I’m tucking in oversized tops into bottoms. And just to note, as I somehow overlooked this detail online, because the top is cropped and has buttons going all the way around, I don’t believe it’s meant to be worn on its own but rather mixed and matched with different bottoms to be worn as a dress, romper or jumpsuit. I definitely see myself wearing the a-line skirt on its own a ton, paired with a graphic tee or a peasant blouse for a different vibe. I’m wearing a size 2 for a fitted look (I’m typically a 4) but I would size up if I wanted a slightly more boxy fit.

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The Belted Pleated Short

I had high hopes for the Belted Pleated Shorts (I adore a tailored short) and was not disappointed. The 100% Tencel fabric is so soft and comfortable yet has a heavy knit and a shine to it that really elevates this piece, along with the pleating. The belt is a nice added detail but when worn with the shorts alone, doesn’t do much to actually cinch them in at the waist since it’s just fabric. These shorts are sold separately but are obviously designed to work with the other tops in the Retro capsule with the same hidden button system that I mentioned earlier. Paired with the top half of the Notch Collar Dress, they create an adorable romper. This combination of a button up shirt and shorts is something I already style often with separates so having this cohesive all-in-one piece works wonders. That said, I absolutely love the way the tailored shorts pair with more casual tees and tanks in the closet too so I know I won’t tire of the styling possibilities anytime soon. I’m again wearing a size 2 which fits my 27” waist comfortably.

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My Takeaway

After trying out these pieces and figuring out just how the capsule collections at VETTA work together, I’ve quickly become a fan of this brand. When I purchase from them in the future, I would likely buy individual pieces from different capsules since the muted, neutral color palette and style is consistent across the entire brand. And seeing all the different outfit combinations for each capsule has even given me some styling inspiration to recreate using other pieces in my closet. For me the sizing ran slightly large so I would suggest comparing your measurements to the size chart when ordering. I wear a size 2 in each piece, even though I’m typically a 4 in other brands. The material and construction quality along with the uniqueness of the designs makes this brand well worth the investment in my opinion and this is a brand I plan to continue to support in the future. Apron Jumpsuit I’m looking at you!

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Jessica Harumi

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A Review Of VETTA Capsule — Jessica Harumi (2024)


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