Camping Essentials Checklist - What To Take Camping (2024)

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Struggling with everything you need to take camping? Are you a first-time camper or going to a festival this summer?

Every camper is different, and here at GO Outdoors, we stock a n unbeatable range of kit to cover back-to-basics campers, right through to luxury glampers, with an exceptional range if you're planning astaycation near thebeach or coast.

Our camping checklist covers some of the must-haves and some of the optional extras to consider before your next camping trip. Download our excellent campingchecklist or create your ownbefore your tripto make sure you know what to take camping.Preparation is key!

Camping Essentials

The basics, the must-haves for camping trips and staycations.

  • ATent-available in a variety of sizes,a good rule of thumb is to aim for a tent that sleeps 1 or 2 people more than you need, forspace for all your camping essentials!
  • Tent Pegs - will keep your tent firmly rooted in the ground, making your tent more durable, strong, and able to withstand beach and coast winds.
  • Sleeping Bags offering the perfect night's sleep in the outdoors! Available in two to four-season variations, sleeping bags offer warmth and comfort for all-season camping.
  • A Sleeping Mat, Air Bed, or Camp Bed for each camper. Easy-to-set up,Airbeds are cheap and comfortable and offer a great night's sleep.
  • Pillows - easy to forget, but make a huge difference to a good night's sleep, providing extra comfort to your camping sleeping set up. Inflatable pillows are an excellent choice for camping, offering easy transportation and saving storage space.
  • Camping Stove - a versatile method for cookingmeals and heating water in the outdoors. Don't forget to take the correct type of fuel for your camping stove model!
  • - a common camping cooking mistake is forgetting to bring camping cooking equipment, bring your cooking pans & utensils for a variety of excellent outdoor meals around the campfire.
  • Cutlery- remember to bring something to eat your delicious outdoor meals with. Plastic cutlery for camping is a convenient choice.
  • Water Carrieror Jerry Can - so you don't have to go to the site tap every time you need water.
  • Camping Chairs - the best way to relax in the sun is on a comfy folding lounger or chair.
  • Torches and Lanterns for lighting the tent in the evening, and any night-time trips to the loo (don't forget extra batteries!).
  • Bin Bags - get rid of your rubbish and keep yourtent clean and tidy.

Optional Extras

Something to add a little more to your setup, to make your stay more comfortable and relaxing.

  • Tent Footprint - protects the underside of your tent by adding a layer between the tent and the ground.
  • Tent Porch - While many family tents have a purpose-built extra porch, theycan also be bought separately. Agazebo or tarp is agood optionfor adding any needed extra space.
  • Tent Carpet - for a spot of luxury and extra warmth (and to soak up any spills!).
  • Camping Table - ideal for holding mealtime food and drinkand competitivelate-night card games.
  • Electric Hook-Up - if your pitch has electric power, you will need a mobile mains kit to connect to it safely and keep you powered.
  • Camping Toilet - ideal for when you really don't want to leave the tent during the night. Especially useful for younger campers who might not get to the toilet block in time. Double-check if your campsite has a toilet block before you set off!
  • Cupboards and Storage - keep all your camping essentials neat and tidy.
  • A Windbreak - for added privacy on the campsite or beach, offering protection from the wind when enjoying a lunchtime picnic.

Tools & Repair

Useful items for any camper. These should not be overlooked

  • Mallet - to help put the pegs in, especially on stony ground.
  • Duct Tape - alifesaver when it comes to simple, on-the-go repairs.
  • Tent Repair Kit- if your tent has minor damage, repair it quickly and efficiently with a Tent Repair Kit.
  • Brush - to help keep debris out of your tent, and to brush down the bottom of the tent when packing away.
  • Penknife - especially good if it also has pliers.
  • Extra guyline or string - useful for binding, adding extra guylines in bad weather, or as a washing line.

Camping Kitchen

Additional items for your camping kitchen outside of the essentials mentioned above.

  • Gas for stove orcharcoal barbecue- keep your stove or BBQ fueled, gas can often be bought from a campsite shop, but not always. Be safe and bring your own!
  • Cleaning Equipment - washing-up bowl, sponges, and scrubbers to keep your cooking equipment and tableware spotless.
  • Kettle - helps you toprepare for a day in the outdoors with a brew or sit around the campfire at night and relax.
  • Tableware (Plates, bowls etc)
  • Tin Opener
  • Bottle Opener
  • Matches / Lighter
  • Wet Wipes or cloths - for easy, quick cleaning

Health and Safety

  • Personal medications (plus extras just in case)
  • A travel First Aid Kit for minor injuries.
  • Sun Cream
  • Anti-Bacterial Handwash
  • Insect Repellent
  • Toilet Roll

Forgot or need any camping equipment? Shop All Camping Equipment.

Download & Print our checklist

Camping Essentials Checklist - What To Take Camping (1)

Camping Essentials Checklist - What To Take Camping (2024)


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