Eco-Petite Fashion: VETTA The Original Capsule Full Review - Plein Vanity (2024)

Eco-Petite Fashion: VETTA The Original Capsule Full Review - Plein Vanity (1)

VETTA is an eco-friendly fashion brand focusing on high-quality, sustainably-made pieces that would simplify women’s wardrobes and encourage less wasteful and less harmful impact.

A while back I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard about this up-and-coming, environmentally-friendly clothing brand called VETTA. Not only did the brand boastsustainably-made and clothes actuallymade in the U.S.(with clear transparency of where the fabrics and clothes originated), but a concept that simply provided everything you needed to get started in building a chic, minimalistic “capsule wardrobe.” As a lover of multi-use clothes (or really any product for that matter), I was intrigued by VETTA’s claim towards their original 5-piece collection that you could wear to make 30 different outfits.

I supported the brand while it was still starting out on Kickstarter and purchased the capsule collection at a discounted price. I purchased all of The Original Capsule pieces in sizes XS, and was intrigued with how size-inclusive everything seemed.

With over 5 different capsule collections later, VETTA has paved the way for an innovative method to encourage individuals to shop more thoughtfully and really think about each piece of clothing in their closet. Did VETTA’s Original Capsule stack up as an petite eco-fashion pick for me? Better late than never, here’s my full review over time…

Eco-Petite Fashion: VETTA The Original Capsule Full Review - Plein Vanity (2)

VETTA Cropped Blouse with v-neck worn in front. | Pants: Madewell Coated Jeans | Necklace:Catbird

I admired the flexibility of the Cropped Blouse, with it’s wide, bell sleeves and reversible necklines (you can wear the v-neck in the front or in the back). To my dismay, the Cropped Blouse didn’t live up to my expectations. I found it to be too short for wearing to work (my industry’s dress code is business professional) and the v-neckline a bit too deep. Even on my off-duty days, I felt a little uncomfortable with how cropped this top was, not to mention the slight transparency of the white shade. I purchased the Blouse in size XS.

Blouse with round-neck in front, the bottom hem has come loose with use.
Blouse with round-neck worn in the back, loose hem shown.

The blouse’s wide, loose fit and the length of the cropped end unfortunately does not complement my stature or shape well. I also found the hem to be very terribly sewn, which ended up coming loose after a couple of wears. (I’ll have to sew this up myself or get a tailor to do so.) Not my favorite piece in the collection. The Cropped Blouse is made from deadstock poly crepe fabric (aka: discarded fabric that was recycled and repurposed) and can be machine washed.$79 .UPDATE: A new version of the Cropped Blouse is available for purchase.

Eco-Petite Fashion: VETTA The Original Capsule Full Review - Plein Vanity (5)

VETTA Culottes | Top: Ann Taylor Petites | Shoes:Sven Plain Clogs (bought used from Poshmark).

The Culottes are a beautiful piece in the collection and one that I get a lot of wear out of. I loved that VETTA made these with an elastic waistband, which always fits better for my smaller waist. The waist could fit a bit more snug, but falls a bit below my waist yet the inseam of the pants aren’t too long for me. The removable overall straps provide a cute option for another look with these pants, and I appreciate that the straps can be made tighter with two sets of interior button holes. However, I rarely wear these with the straps on as they’re a bit long and loose on my shoulders (which could simply be altered by sewing in to fit better), and I’m just not sure I love the look with straps.

Culottes from the back.
Culottes with the straps attached.
Straps fit loosely.

The high-waist style of these pants is flattering since the inseam is a bit shorter and in general, fits well on me. The bottom of the pants fall above my shins, and I think the pants don’t look too long or wide and not too short either. I can easily wear these to work or on the weekends and I like the look. The fabric feels like similar to lightweight dress pants. I do like these pants, but thetencel/cottonblend fabric is a bit of a pain, because it wrinkles so easily. VETTA recommends dry cleaning the Culottes, but I normally wash on delicates and hang to dry. $119, The Culottes are no longer available for purchase.

Eco-Petite Fashion: VETTA The Original Capsule Full Review - Plein Vanity (9)

Wearing The Tunic as a wrap top with the v-neck in the front.

The Tunic is an interesting piece, yet I find it to be too large on me wear it in the suggested ways. This piece can be worn as a tunic dress or as wrap top. Worn as a dress, the slits on either side are way too high up the leg and without pants or a slip underneath, you could definitely see through, and it’s so loose in size, that on my petite frame it looks a bit like a flat potato sack.

Tunic as a wrap top with v-neck in the back.
Side-view of the Tunic with slits.

I have more luck tying the ends of the dress and wearing this as a wrap top, which is how I normally wear the Tunic. It’s still a bit of a loose fit when worn as a top, but it works especially if I tie the sides up tight enough. I like the look of the tencel-chambray fabric though, it’s also very soft, durable, and lightweight. $79,The Tunic is no longer availble for purchase.

Eco-Petite Fashion: VETTA The Original Capsule Full Review - Plein Vanity (12)

VETTA Vest Dress as a vest with the Cropped Blouse and ABLE boyfriend jeans.

TheVest Dressis one of my most worn pieces from the collection and probably my favorite to wear. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn all year-round and in many ways. I personally love wearing this as a long, unbuttoned vest to dress up an outfit. It’s a refreshing alternative to wearing a blazer. The double-breasted buttons add a professional touch and the folded collar and deep cut of the vest is sleek and feminine. This piece looks great with blouses and sweaters paired dress pants, over t-shirts and jeans or as a jumper dress. The vest length hits a little above my knees and has a nice, relaxed fit that doesn’t overwhelm my petite frame.

Vest Dress worn as a jumper dress with the Cropped Blouse
Worn as a full dress.

This piece can also be worn buttoned up as a dress. I have only worn it as a dress once or twice, as I find that as a dress, it’s a bit loose and revealing for my personal taste and more fitting for a dressier evening event. (I definitely recommend wearing a slip or camisole underneath if worn as a full dress.) The fabric feels very substantial, like a well made suit-jacket, it is a tencel/cotton blend. VETTA recommends it to be dry-cleaned and warns against using a steamer to iron out wrinkles.$129,The Vest Dress is no longer available for purchase. Similar: The Blazer Dress (a long sleeve version with removablesleeves).

The only piece I did immediately return was the Two Piece Dress. This was the piece I was most excited for and ended up being most disappointed in. The dress was made of two pieces: a stretch-waist skirt and an off-the-shoulder, stretchy tube top. The idea was to wear the skirt hiked up above the waist and the top over the skirt so that it looks like a dress, or wear the pieces separately. Unfortunately the skirt (even though a stretch-waist, tie-front waist) was way too loose on me, so it kept slipping down my waist and left too much revealing space between the super mini tube top and skirt. The fabric was a nice, soft and durable tencel fabric. Unfortunately, I didn’t like how this looked and felt on, nor could I feel comfortable wearing this out in public.$109,The Two Piece Dress is no longer available for purchase.

Eco-Petite Fashion: VETTA The Original Capsule Full Review - Plein Vanity (15)

Did VETTA stack up as a great eco-fashion brand for petites?So-so. I don’t think the sizing is particularly friendly to petites, at least not the pieces I purchased (The Original Capsule collection). I do love the look and style of VETTA’s clothing, and love the fact that many of their pieces can be worn multiple ways for versatile outfits. I am a bit wearyof the brand’s inconsistent sizing and quality of small details (like stitching and buttons).

The brand has had time and experience to improve on their products now, so I’m open to purchasing more from them while being cautious of what I have experienced so far and if there’s a need in my closet. VETTA’s minimalist-chic, multi-wear capsule styles are constantly appealing to me, and their mission and transparency is much better than most other brands out there. I hope to have good things to say about future pieces if I ever do decide to purchase more.

The Original Capsule pieces are currently not available for purchase, but the brand does bring back certain pieces from past capsules before. Stay tuned to their shop announcements, you never know if something may come back in stock! According to their recent social media posts, acapsule should be coming out soon.

Have you bought anything from VETTA? What was your experience like?

Eco-Petite Fashion: VETTA The Original Capsule Full Review - Plein Vanity (2024)


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