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Moore OutStranding Things to Do on the Cheap in Myrtle Beach

Wish you could discover every inch of the Carolina Coast without feeling pinched? Here are some Trav Tips on what not to miss.

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Cowabunga! It’s free.


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Surfing for something free to do? A day at the L.W. Paul Living History Farm in Conway offers your family the chance to put the gadgets down and immerse yourselves in what life was like on a Horry County farm in the first half of the 20th century when making lye soap, preserving and canning vegetables, harvesting tobacco, and milking cows was part of the daily routine. One-hour tours are offered every Saturday.

Go to the moon and back. Head to the front of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and you’ll find the Apollo Moonprints in Cement. The prints were made by South Carolinian Charles Duke, the 10th and youngest man to ever walk on the moon. He wore his original moon boots to cement his place in history. What better spot to remind your kids that when it comes to their future, the sky’s the limit?

Ready for a break from the beach? Consider Savannah’s Playground. This innovative, multi-acre park is designed for kids of all ages and abilities. Within the grounds, you’ll find a music park, an interactive playground, an early childhood zone, and an obstacle course with climbing bars and ziplines. And that’s just for starters. There’s a picnic area, a cool-off center, and even a pond with ducks and turtles just beyond it. Best of all, it’s free.

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Shore Bets


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Level up for less. The Player’s Choice Store and Arcade is the perfect spot for some cheap family fun at Myrtle Beach no matter the weather. This family-owned gamer haven with its 25-cent, full-on ’80s arcade next door is a throwback time machine. There are DVDs/Blu-rays, video games, movies, comics, manga, and more to browse, buy, pick up, or play. And speaking of play, there’s no need to pay for tokens to get your game on here. All you need are quarters.

Give this a whirl. Head to the Family Kingdom on the Grand Strand. Admission to this old-time amusem*nt park by the sea is always free. And with its dizzying array of thrill rides and spinning attractions (nearly 40 and counting) it’s always fun. Individual rides start at $4 each. You can choose to purchase individual ride credits ($1 each) to redeem for the rides you want or pay for an all-day, unlimited-ride wrist pass and ride all you want.

Spark some excitement at Myrtle Beach’s EdVenture Children’s Museum, where every visit is a playdate with imagination. There are loads of hands-on activities and setups to touch and explore. You’ll find a flight simulator, a grocery store, a dentist, and doctor’s offices. There’s even a café and an auto shop that’s kid-sized. And new interactive exhibits like Draw Alive and Maker’s Corner keep things fresh, fun, and ever-changing. Admission is $10 for kids aged two and older, and free for kids younger than two.

Arr-ggh. Take your crew on Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise, where your kids can become buccaneers and search for lost treasure. This high-seas adventure is full of swashbuckling fun with treasure maps, sword fights, water cannon battles, sing-alongs, and more. Tickets are $28, but you can find discounts online.

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Price is Fine. Dive In.


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Go BIG. Line up at the Crazy Mason® Milkshake Bar and let your ice cream fantasies come true. These mega milkshakes with names like Mint-to-Be, Thicker-than-a-Snicker, Dashing-Thru-The-Dough, and Sweet Cheesus are OMG yummy. Served up in a locally themed, 16-ounce jar that you can bring home as a souvenir, these outrageous, over-the-top ice cream creations are often shared and probably should be, even if, as the sign says, “calories don’t count here.” They're $16 each.

Too much? Head back to our new Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort pool bar for a cool sip that’s a bit stronger.

There you have it. Proof big fun doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. But make no mistake—this is only a start. There are plenty more ways to create priceLESS vacation memories in Myrtle Beach.

Any information provided is solely as a courtesy and is not due to compensation or business partnerships with Holiday Inn Club Vacations. Prices subject to change.

Myrtle Beach Cheap Thrills | (2024)


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