Three Ways to Experience Vetta Nordic Spa - Orillia & Lake Country Tourism (2024)

Three Ways to Experience Vetta Nordic Spa - Orillia & Lake Country Tourism (1)

What does tranquility mean to you? For some it is spending time with friends, quality time with a loved one, or simply time on their own without interruption. Finding that state of calm and relaxation often feels out of reach with busy lives and schedules. But thanks to the new Vetta Nordic Spa, immersed in the natural landscape of Oro-Medonte, tranquility is closer thank you think.

You might be relatively new to the idea of a Nordic spa, or you may be a seasoned pro. Regardless of your experience, Vetta ensures you are comfortable from the moment you walk in the doors. Arriving at the main building immediately feels like you have been transported to the Finnish countryside. The architecture is tall and sleek, featuring Siparila wood imported from Finland, as just the first example of authentic Finnish touches throughout the spa. There are maps and staff on hand with recommendations to help you navigate where to start.

So what does a Vetta experience look like? Per Finnish traditional hydrotherapy, the true Nordic spa experience recommends cycling through Kuuma (Hot), Kylma (Cold), and Levata (Relax). But truly, you can explore the different areas on your own terms, at your own pace. This spa is tailored to meet your needs, and we have some recommendations for just a few ways to experience Vetta Nordic Spa.

Visitor Tip: Make sure to bring the essentials including a bathing suit, appropriate footwear (preferably sandals you don’t mind getting wet), and a water bottle (plastic or metal).

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Vetta’s hospitality is all about connection. Connection with your body, with your environment and with those around you. The Respectful Social Zone offers large relaxation pools and sauna rooms, where there is lots of space to catch up with friends and celebrate loved ones. A great unique experience for girls getaways, bachelor parties, or simply catching up with friends and family. Treat yourself while spending quality time with those in your life.

Wrap up your visit at the KOIVU Restaurant on the entrance level of the spa. Enjoy scenic views through the two-storey windows or out on the upper patio. Cheers time well-spent with friends, topped off with culinary delights.

Visitor Tip: Did you know that Vetta Nordic Spa is home to the world’s largest saunas? There is plenty of room to share with friends and other guests. With spacious pools, saunas and lounge areas, feel comfortable in the space. As always, be courteous to other guests and respect everyone’s experience.

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Treatment for Two

Date night doesn’t need to just be for special occasions. Whether it’s celebrating an anniversary or just taking some time with one another, a spa experience is a fantastic couples getaway. Rekindle the romance with quality time spent together in a calm, rejuvenating environment. Start in one of the two steam rooms with Vetta signature scents before moving to a cold plunge pool to wake up the senses.

Visitor Tip: For ultimate relaxation, book a Duo Massage to keep the conversation going with a shared room massage.

Take a break from the spa at the SAVU Bistro on the lower level in a casual, relaxing ambience.

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Solo Serenity

Everyone deserves some solo self-care. Stepping outside of the day-to-day routine of non-stop work emails, driving as a personal chauffeur for your family, constantly on the go with overlapping calendars.

Taking some down time can be incredibly hard to prioritize but is equally necessary to schedule in something just for yourself to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Going solo means slowing down your pace to just be in the moment. Make conversation with your fellow spa-goers or indulge in recharging on your own. There is a Respectful Quiet-Zone area specifically for immersing yourself in the serenity of the nature surrounding you. This smaller area offers the same pool and sauna amenities as the rest of the spa as well as the Kivi Hot Stone Room. Lie in quiet bliss on warm stone slabs to relax all your senses.

Visitor Tip: Bring a book! After some time cycling through the different sauna treatments, enjoy some quiet time in a Relaxation area with a good book. You can access your locker at any point during your time at Vetta to keep your belongings safe.

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However you choose to experience Vetta Nordic Spa, at the end of the day, celebrate choosing to take quality time for your wellbeing. The atmosphere at Vetta is welcoming to every type of visitor. If you are new or seasoned, social or solitary, nervous or completely at ease; you are sure to walk away afterwards feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and soul.

You’ll be wanting to book your return visit to experience this Finnish tradition year-round, in our own Orillia & Lake Country.

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Three Ways to Experience Vetta Nordic Spa - Orillia & Lake Country Tourism (2024)


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